What is Tenjin AI?

Tenjin AI is a next gen robo advisory platform that lives in the cloud. It aims to be every millennial’s financial advisor, making the process of investing simple by taking care of the complexities behind the investment process and curating the best assets that can produce the best returns for the current market conditions and a users risk profile.

It does this by creating a risk profile for the individual. A risk profile includes the individual’s financial goals, investment horizon and their risk tolerance. Tenjin AI is a next gen robo advisor because it constantly monitors the markets so that you do not have to worry about tracking your portfolio every day.

What differentiates Tenjin from other robo advisory platforms is it’s automated portfolio optimization. Tenjin carries out periodic portfolio optimizations to stay ahead of the market fluctuations. It also optimizes your portfolio when your investment goals change, so you can make the best of every penny you invest.

Tenjin AI's Story

Shyam Sreenivasan, worked as a Executive Director at Morgan Stanley in algorithmic trading. In his 22 years of working with an investment bank and building wealth for the wealthy individuals, Shyam struggled to express this irony himself. He invested consistently for decades and was still not being able to experience the financial freedom that has been a dream for many of us. He realised that there were millions like himself who were investing consistently for years with the dream of gaining financial independence one day, however with no remarkable results. Hence he took it upon myself to fix it.

Tenjin AI was born to transform the investment landscape for everyday investors minus the hefty costs associated with it. Tenjin uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to devise intelligent portfolios that help investors build long-term wealth. All our strategies are backtested to uncertain economic conditions and they have performed well during those times too.

Tenjin AI’s multi-dimensional research helps individuals gain financial education by the way of learning about stocks before investing in them. With investing consistently and knowing your investments well, everyone can achieve financial independence with Tenjin AI.


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